Popup toolbar behavior similar to Win (Rhino 8 WIP)

Hi there,

Over the last years my use of Rhino evolved from command-line only to an heavy use of the popup toolbar for my most used commands. I found it was really faster not having to move my hand from the mouse when using a lot of recurring drawing commands (i.e. mainly transforms).

Switching to MacOS for professional reasons, I’ve been able to find a workaround here to get a functionnal popup toolbar similar to the Windows one in V7 − clicking on the middle mouse button makes the popup toolbar with icon only appear under the mouse cursor, launching a command makes it disappear. (On a side note, I find the command editor of the MacOS version really well made and useful − a lot easier than managing toolbars in Win)

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I’ve been trying to reproduce this workaround in V8 WIP but without success − and the defaut popup behavior in MacOS is… really terrible.

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Does anyone have any idea on how to get that popup palette behavior like the Win one in V8 WIP Mac ?

Hi @solarius

for other people that might come across this I am listing the steps to create popups with icons only in V7 on Mac:



as for your wish to do this in V8, since that is a totally rewritten UI, I’ve added RH-73445 Mac: popup at Middlemouse icon-only like on Windows


@solarius The way it currently works in the WIP, does that solve your issue?

I love it ! Many thanks !

Found a little bug : currently tooltips are displayed behind the popup panels (I don’t know if that’s mac-specific though)
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Good to hear :slight_smile:

yes, this is on the list as RH-75817 Button tooltips hidden behind popup toolbar

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