Feature request for Pop up palette, please

As default in Rhino for Mac, the pop up palette shows both icons AND text. In Windows version ONLY the icons show (much more compact view). The issue with pop up menu on mac surfaces when working on a small screen (not Retina) then the pop up menu is simply to big, and in many cases you need to scroll withih the pop up to find the tool :frowning:

I hope it is possible in future releases to be able to tick on/off if you want text shown in the popup menu.

Thank you in advance

In Rhinoceros > Preferences > Mouse:

Complete text of macro: _ShowToolPalette _ToolPalette=Popup _UnderCursor=YES _Enter


Damn…! You are my new hero!!

Thank you very very much!!
That worked wonders

Cheers Lars


hi @maxz,

This is great stuff! Is there a way to place the pop-up relative to the cursor?

Toshiaki, not that I know of. This was not my invention anyway, I think it came from @jeff_hammond.


ok. thanks for sharing, anyway. good stuff.

do you mean near the cursor but not under it?
if so, then i don’t think there’s a way to do that.

you can either have it pop up directly under the cursor or, pop up in the same place every time (that being a user assignable position)… but, not something like ‘25 pixels above and 40px to the left of cursor’.

fwiw, the macro is made from running the command ShowToolPalette … upon running that command, you’ll have these options :

so from that, you can make the macro :

ShowToolPalette ToolPalette=Popup Visible=Toggle UnderCursor=Yes AsMenu=No Enter

…or, change various options to others in the dropdowns… i would recommend setting Visible=Toggle …that way, you can run the macro to popup the palette then run it again to close the palette instead of needing to close it with the red button if no items were selected.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.
I did custom popup but, it was in list form and ended up not using it much but this is really good stuff.

Jeff, I played around a bit with the command, but if you want the macro lean and mean, _UnderCursor=YES is the only option you need to specify (because it defaults to ‘No’), ‘As Menu’ defaults to ‘No’, which is what you want, and ‘Visible’ toggles for a given ToolPalette whatever you select as option (except ‘No’ of course, which will hide the palette on enter, so you will not see it in the first place…)


hey max…

while it may not apply in this exact scenario, I think it’s better to specifically call all the options you want regardless of default behavior.

if you run the command for a different purpose and with different options, those options will likely be the ones used when calling the macro leading to undesired behavior (since the defaults have now been changed)… so if the macro includes all the options you need, it will work the same way every time you use it.

I see where you are coming from Jeff, but when I would want to use the macro for a different purpose I would visit the command and its options anyway. The only thing that could get me into trouble is when the people at McNeel decide to change the defaults without telling us. But they wouldn’t do that, would they?..Naaah :relieved::wink:

right, that’s what I’m saying.
if you visit the command/options, those options will often stick…

so if you now run a macro which includes the same command, the options will be set to what you chose previously instead of default.

I’m on a phone right now. I’ll post a clearer example of the point I’m trying to make later in the day.

Was using Japanese UI, and seems the _UnderCursor=YES was seen as unknown command.
Works ok in Eng. switched over to it.
Bug I guess…

Jeff, I know what you mean, but where I mentioned the defaults that is just what I wanted to say, i.e. the value of an option that it returns to when using the command(macro) repeatedly, as opposed to remembering the last value.


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Gonna have to leverage this one on my desktop as I have a space navigaor pro there and therefore the other buttons on the trackball could be repurposed for pop ups