Rhino 6 for Mac: A tentative release date

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We did, I bought one and have been using Rhino for Mac since 2008. Actually @Helvetosaur mentioned to buy it then, because it would be cross-platform, even if I never use Win Rhino, which I haven’t, but I have my V6 license.


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It’s July 9th! Well, I did say tentative… :grimacing:

We have found a bug that is causing us to delay shipping Rhino 6 for Mac. We are working on it now, as well as investigating a number of potential display optimizations.


Hi, Mac users are waiting! haha! any indicative/ projected release date? :slight_smile:

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Sorry, no. We need to get this right. The plan remains the same:

My hope is this is a matter of weeks.

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With a windows license and a mac computer I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to! But I’m glad that this will never happen again (: with a common license.

I’m sorry but it is clearly different when you have an option to upgrade when you know a piece of software is actually available and can try it before buying it.

To say that is the same as buying a year* in advance is simply not right.

  • when we don’t even know for sure when V6 will be released for the Mac even now, no one knew when it would be released a year ago. Just throwing €400 at a company for a potential future benefit is not something many people do. It could have been years and years given the experience of the Mac V5 development process.

I think this speaks for itself

any news ? … i want to try rhino 7 wip and quadremesh command … i need it :smiley:

No news yet…but we’ll announce it here on Discourse first.

In my opinion Rhino mac 6 has some serious performance issues. If it is released like that I am afraid that a lot of mac clients remain very disappointed and will not switch or turn their back on Rhino.

Is this the performance issue which you are referring to?

No reply to this?

Rhino 6 for Mac is now available for purchase. Here’s a bit more information for those of you who have been contributing to its development.

I think this topic has served its purpose. It would be really helpful to those of us juggling incoming information if new topics could be started. To that end, I’m closing out this one so it doesn’t run away from me.

Thanks again y’all. We’re not done with our optimizations yet.