Rhino 6 for Mac: A tentative release date

Hey Rhino for Mac users-

I just wanted to let you all know that we are working toward a tentative Commercial shipping date of July 9th, 2019. DELAYED: See below. We have been feature-complete for about a month now and only a few minor bugs remain before the initial release. Unless you report a major bug that prevents us from shipping, we are planning on shipping soon™.

What happens next?

We - along with resellers - will start selling Rhino 6 for Mac. In fact, many of you already own Rhino 6 for Mac licenses, because Rhino 6 for Mac and Rhino 6 for Windows use the same license. You can run Rhino 6 on either platform on computers under your control (just not at the same time). With the CloudZoo, you can even switch back and forth with ease. For those who do not yet own an RH60 license key, we will let you know how to purchase once it goes on sale.

Will there be updates?

Yes, we are planning monthly Service Releases (Updates) to Rhino 6 for Mac for the foreseeable future. We still have some items on our TODO for Rhino 6 for Mac that we hope to address.

What about the WIP?

The RhinoWIP/RhinoBETA for Version 6 will come to an end. However, Rhino 6 license holders will have access to the RhinoWIP for V7 on Mac, which we hope to publish soon™ too (more on that after we ship).

As always a huge THANK YOU to all who have been testing and reporting bugs. We couldn’t do this without you.

UPDATE: We found a bug that is causing us to delay shipping Rhino 6 for Mac. Stay tuned.


Oh, this is great news. Will the Rhino 6 Educational license work also on Mac?

Yes. a V6 license is a V6 license.
EDU or Commercial reflects your EDU status at the time of purchase.


Hope more add-ons work for Grasshopper of Rhino for 6 Mac as Windows version.

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Great news! Will be there a way to upgrade EDU V5 Mac license to EDU V6 license ?


Sure, to educational V6 95,- USD/Euro or to commercial V6 495,- USD/Euro plus local VAT.


hi guys, @John_Brock,
I’ve 2 v6 license for Win and 2 v5 lic for Mac.
if I upgrade the 2 Mac lic to v6 they will work for Win as well?
So, at the end, I will have 4 v6 license for both?

Hi skysurfer, sounds correct to me.

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Yes. V6 licenses are not platform specific. You will be able to have 4 computers total running Rhino V6, in any combination of Windows or Mac.


exciting, it’s been fun testing the WIP’s along the way. Has there been a cost £££ set for upgrading from V5 Mac to V6 Mac ?

It’s V5 whatever to V6 whatever and the cost will be 495€$ don’t know what that translates to in £…

Mitch, got any numbers what the educational update from 5 to 6 would be in euro?

95… same as now.


Very cool new guys … finallly… !!! I looking forward.

And in rhino 7 wip will be subd modelling ? or i must move on win again a i will buy clayoo. ?

yes, including the quad remesher, according to travis even before the end of the month

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But wasn’t there always a introductory price
like 395.- (win) for a short term… the update is great and it’s totally worth it! But…
Just lower the price a week or so, that the regulars can take advantage of it.

@Bob can you clarify?

Cheers Andreas