Rhino 6 for Mac is Now Available - and Thank You!

Rhino 6 for Mac is now available for purchase. This is version 6.16.19205.01052.

For those who have been closely following the development, there have been a number of late-stage BETA optimizations that we have been working on that did not make it into the initial release. But fear not…

Very soon™ We will be publishing published the first Rhino 6 for Mac SR17 Release Candidate. This will contains many of the bug fixes and display pipeline optimizations we have been working on.

Furthermore, The first RhinoWIP for V7 Mac is now available right around the corner (yes, including SubD tools and the new QuadRemesher).

As always, McNeel would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all those who have been testing Rhino 6 for Mac and providing much needed feedback.


Hi Dan,

https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-mac/6/latest looks buggy in Germany. I get this error message on top of the webpage:



Any news on a launch upgrade discount? As pointed out previously, Mac users have had to wait longer for v6 and currently it seems, will have to pay more for the upgrade.

See here: Rhino 6 for Mac: A tentative release date

Edit: Even if not for everyone, maybe something for those of us that have put so much time into helping with beta testing. To have put so much time into it, it required using v6 on several projects. We are now in a situation where we have a load of files in v6 format. It’s leaving a bit of bad taste at a time when money is sadly quite tight.

Thanks for pointing that out @Michael_Meyer. I just squelched the error, but it does look like that page is missing information.

I believe this is because download_headers.htm is out of date. I’ve logged a bug for @Joachim_Kuntz:

WWW-889 Download page in German needs updating

Until that is fixed, I think German users will be missing some System Requirements information.

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@robinp I do not know of any plans for a launch upgrade discount price.

Please could the message be passed on to whoever makes these kinds of decisions then? thank you

This decision was made some time ago.
It was based on a lot of different factors including, but not limited to, the reduced commercial price of V5 for Mac, and the benefits of one V6 license working for both Windows and Mac V6.
When V7 is released, and we hope to release Mac and Windows V7 together, there may be reduced initial release pricing as we have done in the past, but that decision will be made as that time gets closer.

Sure, I’m aware of that reasoning. I disagree though. While v5 for Mac was reduced, my understanding is that it was reduced because it had many features missing. Indeed, as far as I’m aware, v6 for Mac hasn’t achieved feature parity with v6 for windows.

Less capable software cost less and during 4 years or so, less functionality has been available. Yet windows users got a discount for upgrading.

I’d argue that the reduced price when v5 for Mac was launched has been more than covered by the reduced functionality over the intervening years. That’s not to mention all the time and effort many of us have contributed to beta testing v6 for Mac.

Given the aim to update to v7 at the same time for both platforms, Mac users will get less use out of the upgrade. So maybe next year or perhaps 2021 we will then need to upgrade again having had 1.5 years less use of the v6 upgrade than windows users for what is arguably still a less capable product.

So to summarise, we are paying more for something that we are going to get less use out of. I’m not asking for something better than the windows discount, just the same.

(I’m aware the v6 licenses work cross platform)

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Incidentally, if I end up needing to use a v6 file in v5 will you be happy to return the good will I showed in beta testing and convert it back to v5 for me?

As it stands, I don’t think we’ll be upgrading. I’m just pretty fed up with this.

I’m sorry to hear this. You do sound frustrated.

Upgrading is optional. You are free to wait until Rhino 7. We do not penalize users if they skip a version.

Others have explained the situation well, I think. If we offered a promotional price (again) for a Rhino 6 license, we would have to offer it to all Windows users as well since - from a licensing standpoint -they are the same product. But it sounds like you know all this already. I’m sorry you missed out on the promo price when we offered it.

If you really feel like you have been wronged here, please contact sales@mcneel.com.

Hi @dan

Thanks for taking the time and your understanding.

I guess I find that reasoning hard to believe for the simple reason that v5 windows and v5 Mac licenses are different.

Logically I can understand that an upgrade route where both were A -> B it would be impossible to differentiate. But we are talking about an A -> C vs B -> C situation.

If I’m missing something technical, why not at least offer those who have put so much time into helping with the beta a discount code or something to make up for such a lack of normal discount.

Just to confirm: is a Mac Rhino upgrade purchase (from V5) a cross platform application? I ask only because the purchase page makes no distinction between mac and windows.

Thank you

Hi Robert,

yes, the Rhino 6 license is for Windows and Mac. Buy the Rhino 6 upgrade to upgrade an old windows or mac license to Rhino 6.



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Great. Thanks Michael.

@dan Alphabetizing layers - promised 6 years ago - still not implemented :frowning:
Very frustrating

Hi @mlecka-

Can you please point me to where this was “promised”?

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This is wenatchee bug and must have feature for all people collaborating on projects/importing external dwg files - see attachments.
Missing basic Layers sorting feature was originally promised to be fixes in wenatchee (old forum), then in the final OS X release, then in the 5.X release, final 6.0 release and now? Nothing.

At least one may reorder Layers manually…

From my point of view, I’m much more interested in the ability to organize (group) Named Views and Cplanes manually, for the reasons outlined in 2015 here:

TIA, Dan

Edit: and in looking at the YouTrack, and to be fair, I think the scope got distorted unintentially. It is/was “heavy handed” to alphabetize by force (counterproductive) yet the YouTrack resolution missed the utility and point of the ability to manually organize, IMO, such as one may do with Layers. (I do realize an approximation may be accomplished via rename/alphabetize.)

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Thank you. I understand the bug and why it is painful and I fully agree. I also have investigated the challenges of getting this fixed and it is more difficult that we had anticipated.

@mlecka said:

promised 6 years ago

What I am currently trying to understand is where we promised to fix this. We work hard avoid promising what we don’t know for sure we can deliver (and even then it is dangerous).

But it’s all beside the point. The layer manager in Rhino for Mac is still deficient; there’s no argument there.