Release Date?

I know, I know; when it is ready…

Doing some budgetary work, any speculation on which quarter V6 might be released in?


Hopefully, first quarter.


Thank You!

Are you going to copyright this also? :smile:

GO Mcneelies Go!

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No, just trademark…

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He didn’t say of which year. Smart move :sunglasses:


That’s just brutal!

Save money in first quarter :yum:

how much will the update cost from rhino5 ?

damn, a million is too much for me :disappointed_relieved:

so according to this:
and if prices won’t change it will cost about 500 bucks.
I guess prices will stay the same.

maybe a special offer/rebate for the first month after the release? that would be great.

I would also like to get my hands on the Mac version of V6 as soon as possible. As I work on both platforms I really need them to be ‘on the same level.’ I haven’t really tested V6 yet - because we don’t have it on the Mac. I don’t want to get used to all the new features and not having them on both platforms, so please… Can we have the Mac version of Rhino V6… very soon. I really wouldn’t want to wait to march, april or may…


I think the answer to that would go something like:




P.S. but don’t hold me to it. I am just typing here :wink:

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Yeah, right… :unamused::smiley:


There was a reduction in cost for Rhino for Mac where some of us spent quite a bit of time in the forum beta testing etc. Is there something similar on offer for V6 for PC or is it the standard price found online until May 2018?



There is only one Rhino 6 license key that will work on both Windows and Mac. You can save money by purchasing a Rhino 6 upgrade license key now before the promotion expires.

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Can I run Rhino in the Mac from my team license pool in Cloud Zoo? I could buy and use a slow Mac so i can keep in mind how slow things will be on my client side. Sometimes we make very heavy files and forget they open them in ‘cute hardware’.

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In Windows for now and Rhino 6 for Mac when it is available.

oooh, I didn’t even know V6 for Mac was not available yet. I’m so uncool.

Am I correct in reading this as the licenses will be cross platform?