Rhino 6: Fonts Unavailable

Only some of my fonts are available in the font dropdown menu in Rhino 6. When I open the same file with Rhino 5, all of my installed fonts are visible. Does Rhino 6 read font files differently than Rhino 5? Do I need to activate something so that Rhino 6 can access these fonts? The font that I am trying to use is a TrueType file.


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That is a problem we know about and are working on. There is a completely different mechanism in V6 mostly because of changing to multi-platform (windows and mac) and it’s pretty bad the way it is now.
We are making progress on it but there’s nothing helpful available yet.
Sorry for the problem.

Hello, I am working in Rhino 6 at Windows 7 and I have similar problem. It seems, that Rhino does not support font families. Only regular font is available. Is there any chance solving this problem anytime soon?

@vojtech.malina - Yes, it’s fixed in SR6.9 which will be published as a release candidate in a week or two.

Perfect, thank you.

Is there a problem still with the MecSoft fonts? I need MecSoft_font-1 for CNC engraving. The text is not visible, but the bounding box becomes visible if I go SelText


Hi - that seems to be working here.
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the result here.

UPDATE: That seems to be working in Rhino 7 - I see that issue in Rhino 6 here.

That font is a single stroke font which is supported in Rhino 7 as a new feature. If you want to use that font in Rhino 6, I would suggest using the TextObject command.

The other tactic to use if you need to keep your text editable until it is machined is to keep it as Arial until you start to create the toolpaths, then select the type, change the type face to a single stoke font (the type will disappear from the screen in V6 but don’t panic) and then Explode - you should then have your single stroke text as curves. I have a custom script I use to do this.

Below is my System Info.
Thanks for tips
Rhino 6 is a little laggy for me maybe the results will shed light on that, too.

SystemInfo_Rhino.txt (2.4 KB)

Hi @lowell
quite some time since the last reply in this thread. I am struggling with the same issue 2 years later on both platforms. Some of the font families are not available on mac, others on windows. It makes the work between platforms quite tricky. Is this regression something we must learn to live with or is there any possible remedy?

This thread is a bit jumbled.
Are you asking about single stroke fonts?
Do you have fonts that work on mac and not windows or the other way around?
Or something else?

Struggling mainly with Helvetica Neue. This font on mac shows up in the text editor just fine right now. But when I install the font on windows, text editor won´t see it. If I, on the other hand, Install Helvetica NeueLT STD on windows, it partly work on windows (I can see 6 out of 8 fonts in the family), but not on mac. So I am a bit in a dead end. Don’t know if there is any bottle-neck when it comes to some fonts or…Do you have any ideas?

I was pointing it out here Font family / helvetica not supported?

Helvetica neue lt std 2 Helvetica neue LT std

Yes, I see what you mean. It sounds like you have it figured out about as well as you can have.
The Rhino font interface is not going to work better than that in the near future.
There was a decision a few years ago to make something that would work the same on both platforms and this is where we are.

Hm, so if there was a different approach in creating and editing text for each platform, it could be that fonts itself would work smoother? Do I understand correctly?

Or I will put it the other way around. Is there any way how to find out if the font (before investing 300$ into the family pack) works in Rhino on both platforms?

Not a different approach for creating text, but different interfaces for selecting fonts leveraging what the OS can provide.