Full Font List missing from TextObject and Edit Style

I’ve recently come back to Rhino 6 after not using it for many months and having a computer malfunction that made me have to reset my PC. When going to use the TextObject command I discovered that roughly 75% of the fonts that were available when I stopped using Rhino 6 back in April-May of 2020 that are missing. Fonts like the OCR, MVT, RhSS, etc. fonts have all but disappeared and I do not have the technical expertise to know how to locate them in Rhino 6’s files if they still exist. A large number of my projects use some of these missing fonts and I would like to be able to use them again.

Was the removal of these fonts intentional as part of an update or is this a software error?
Please Help.

Rhino uses fonts that are in your Windows Fonts folder. They are not supplied by Rhino. Are they still there in the Fonts folder? (type ‘fonts’ at the start/search box)