Where has Arial Narrow gone in Rhino6

Where has Arial Narrow gone in Rhino6,BETA (6.0.17339.11131, 5/12/2017)

regard Stuart

Yeah, that looks like a rather unfortunate side-effect of the new “rich text” formating stuff. It appears to be eating entire “font families” and not giving you any choice other than bold and italic for the moment… I see the same thing with a few of my fonts here as well.

I’d consider this a bug, don’t know what can be done here, @lowell?

Don’t see a youtrack item covering this problem.


I’m glad that I’m not the only one noticing that:

don’t hope for a change here. reading his reply there, I assume @pascal got pretty pissed about this.

It’s at least peripherally part of some bugs that have been pushed to 6.x. I don’t know about one specific to ‘Add font family support’.
Changing all this stuff to Eto leaves unexpected gaps here and there. I think we’ll catch up eventually.