Single Stroke Fonts not working

Unfortunately, we’re still working on this one: RH-37850. It’s going to have to wait until Rhino 6 for Mac, I’m afraid.

:rage: i guess i have to outline normal fonts till then… maybe also not too bad

Any update on this? I’m noticing in Rh6 beta that the checkbox is there, but Mac is still doing the default Mac thing to monoline fonts, removing all straight paths. Half the font renders.

Thanks for the head’s up. I reopened RH-37850 and we’ll look into it. It looks like it worked for awhile, but there may be a regression here that caused it to stop working.

I downloaded Rhino6 for Mac. I installed mecsoft single stroke fonts, selected single stroke in the text object options and successfully added text to my drawing. Then I exported it as a dxf file. All seemed to go well until I tried to view the file in AutoCAD or my ProNest cutting software. Nothing there. What am I doing wrong?