Rhino 5 SR14 Release Candidate 2 Available

Rhino 5 SR14 Release Candidate 2 is available for download.

SR14 includes:

  • Improvements to Rhino when running on High DPI displays, especially on Windows 10 Creators Update. Rhino still doesn’t look fantastic because the icons were designed for regular DPI displays, and they all get scaled up for use on High DPI displays. But the UI should be sized well and easier to use.
  • Fixes to several dialog boxes that do not display properly on Windows 10 Creators Update.
  • A new SetDpiAwareness command that lets you enable and disable Rhino’s scaling on High DPI displays.

Please try it out, and report any bugs on this forum.


Hi Brian, few days ago I’ve stolen my colleague’s Dell monitor 3840x2160. Windows zoom is set to 150%. Rhino behaves stranglely, scaling(=blurring) toolbars, but totally obliterating text in upper command line and bottom horizontal panel. See screenshots attached with SetDpiAwareness on/off.


See if these instructions help:

Any better?

Hi John,

No, I already have “Override high DPI scaling behavior” unchecked. So it’s either having whole UI tiny or lowering screen resolution in Windows.

Is Rhino SR14 supposed to work according to general Windows scaling settings? Upsizing the UI to make work more comfortable and less painful for eyes?


With SR14, your high resolution Windows should be setup at a Windows recommended resolution and text scaling. This is done in Control panel.
Once that is set, you can tweak the toolbar icon sizes in Rhino Options.
This is all with the SR14 display scaling enabled.

How does the V6 WIP look on your system?

Yeah, I don’t mind the buttons, it’s the command line and the bar at the bottom that hurts my eyes. Looking at my screenshots, you can even see how their size is disproportional to other text on the screen, probably correctly set by Windows’ 150% scale.

I will ask our company’s IT dept. to fetch me V6 keys and will try it out afterwards.

Hey John,

R6 works as intended. Well, I guess I have to cope with R5 as it is.

comparison R5 vs R6:


There does seem to be a range of screen resolutions and text scaling that isn’t as clean as we would like. The tend to be in the 2500 to 3500 range right where you are.
If you have a large monitor, you might prefer to use the old way by disabling the SR14 behavior with SetDpiAwareness.