SR14 unsharp on hires screens


Hi @pascal,

this week I get more and more support request about Rhino 5 and the latest Service Release (is it 14?), that customer report Rhino becomes unsharp (buttons and text) on hires screens (4k and up).

Is there a roll back to SR13, where is it? Or is there a better solution?



Problem with Updates and roll-backs
(John Brock) #2

What version of Windows are they using?
Are they running under Virtualization like Parallels?

Assuming they are running Windows 10 “Creator’s Edition” (1703), then:

  • In Rhino Options > Toolbars > Size and Styles, set Button size to Medium and Tab size to small.

  • Rhino 64-bit desktop shortcut right-click > Properties > Compatibility > Uncheck “Override high DPI scaling behavior…”

  • Windows display - Right click on desktop > Display settings > Scale and layout > use recommended size (mine is 200%), and Resolution use a recommended size.

If they still have display problems, have them run the new “SetDpiAwareness” command and disable it, and restart Rhino

Does that get them sorted?


Hi John,

thank you very much, I will check this with the customers.

Have a sunny day