SR14 unsharp on hires screens

Hi @pascal,

this week I get more and more support request about Rhino 5 and the latest Service Release (is it 14?), that customer report Rhino becomes unsharp (buttons and text) on hires screens (4k and up).

Is there a roll back to SR13, where is it? Or is there a better solution?



What version of Windows are they using?
Are they running under Virtualization like Parallels?

Assuming they are running Windows 10 “Creator’s Edition” (1703), then:

  • In Rhino Options > Toolbars > Size and Styles, set Button size to Medium and Tab size to small.

  • Rhino 64-bit desktop shortcut right-click > Properties > Compatibility > Uncheck “Override high DPI scaling behavior…”

  • Windows display - Right click on desktop > Display settings > Scale and layout > use recommended size (mine is 200%), and Resolution use a recommended size.

If they still have display problems, have them run the new “SetDpiAwareness” command and disable it, and restart Rhino

Does that get them sorted?

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Hi John,

thank you very much, I will check this with the customers.

Have a sunny day