Rhino 4 sr 5 suddenly stops exporting or opening non 3 dm files

Was using old rhino 4 on a new laptop win 8. All going well, untill it stoped reading dxf and dwg files. So can’t open or import a lot of drawings. Also saveing or exporting files the only options now given are rhinos 3dm files.
I tryed uninstalling and reinstalling but when I op-ed rhino it opens an old file I was working on two weeks ago. ( Wondering if it’s due to transferring files from version 5 to version 4
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated thanks

hi karlc,

I am facing the same issue from quite a long time !!!
did you found solution to this ??

UN install rhinoceros 4 reinstall it, go through all updates. As I was
doing thigh my boss up grade’d rhinoceros 5. With this on all the computers
the problem stoped.
Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Okie ,
great , Does rhino 5 works well with win8.?

Yea it works with win 8. Though now I’m getting notices to upgrade Windows
to 10 ( when will it end ).
A colleague of mine recently did so and for some reason it mxessed with his
settings and templates for design software , illustrator,photo shop and 3ds
max . So I’m going to stick with Windows 8 , If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

I am sure you don,t want to upgrade to win 10
I think I should start finding rhino 5 :slight_smile:
thankz for the reply Karlc . You take care and keep posting :slight_smile:

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