Saved file is blank except as 3dm-file


I’ve used Rhino for some quite time now. I’ve just just installed Rhino 5, but when i save my file as a eg. ai, dxf, dwg, 3ds-file it is empty.

Does anyone know what’s wrong. Thanks for your time.

Is the file also empty when you export an object / the objects?
Can you post an example? Is this only happening with specific type(s) of geometry?

Yep, it is also empty when i export. It is all types except 3dm-files.

I have never experienced it before. This is the item - nothing big or fancy.

I don’t know that AI supports solids or meshes, I thought it only supported linework. When you export your object does Rhino prompt you to turn the solid into a mesh? If not, try type mesh and select your solid to convert it first. This may help you get a 3ds file output. Not sure this helps much. But depending on what software you are trying to import this file into there may be a better export type like IGES or STP that will keep you solid as a solid.

Hi ra_mull. For years i have saved as dxf, dwg and so on in Rhino 4 without any problems and i need Rhino to be able to make them. I doesn’t help with mesh ;-(

could you post your rhino file ?

Hi Sakarias- Does the exported file size show as ‘empty’ - very small on disk?
How are you checking, are you opening in the ‘target’ application, or back in Rhino?
In AI things can easily be scaled oddly or located out of the AI view.


Thanks for your comments.

BaptisteC -> Hi, yes i can but it has to be something with the software/settings i imagine because new files and old files i can only save as 3dm or what did you have in mind?

pascal -> Hi, yes it does. The file sized is about 15kb when the 3dm (Rhino) file is about 350kb. Normally i save as a dwg and open it in Solid Works (for work drawings) and also as dxf for the CNC-machine and so on. When i open the file in these programs it is empty (and also in Rhino) and the filesize suggust that they are correct.

How are you guys saving/exporting different filetypes? Do you special settings or something?

Hi Sakarias,

DXF and DWG have Export Schemes. Which one are you selecting? When you are in the Save As dialog, you’ll see the ‘Options’ button, this is where you select the Scheme and how the geometry is written to DWG/DXF.

If that doesn’t do it, you might want to post the file so we can take a look at it.

Hi Vane. Thank you for your answar.

I’m just having it on default, because i have never touched these settings before in Rhino 4. I just tried different options and nothing have changed other than i know how to get a 2D dxf file.

Normally i make workdrawings i SolidWorks so i need to have the 3D file from Rhino into SolidWorks. SW can’t either read them now or they are empty.
What file format would you use for SW (with which settings)?

Here is the file (with small changes).

test.3dm (362.0 KB)

SW cannot read Rhino 5 files, in case that is part of the problrem - export to V4, or Step…