RH8 Beta Raytraced display mode shifty BUG

I noticed a bug in the raytraced display mode that also affects the output when using it with -ViewCaptureToFile. There are slight shifts visible. Depending on the image, this is more or less noticeable. I tried different resolutions, always some shifts happening, though more noticeable on smaller resolutions. Here are some examples:

I suggest to download the renderings and then view it in 1:1 pixel view.

When using the render command the bug doesn’t appear in the rendering. Because there is a memory leak related to the render frame buffer, I can’t use it for larger render batches. That’s why CaptureToFile was supposed to be a workaround. Now this also is bugged.

HELP! I hope this gets fixed quickly.

Or maybe this is related to my system? Is this “shifty bug” repeatable on other systems?

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I’d appreciate if other users could check if they can repeat this on their system. The file is attached.

showBUG RH8 raytracedviewmode 001.3dm (240.1 KB)

Thanks in advance.

hi Chris, that looks pretty bad indeed. I can repeat it and it seems to happen at irregular places in the image, both horizontal and vertical.
Seems to be happening in the raytraced viewport as well
RH-77157 Raytraced pixels are shifting in viewport and in view capture

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RH-77157 is fixed in the latest BETA

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Yes, it is fixed, thanks!