White viewport in Raytraced Display

installed it on my home-machine for testing. I was hoping that focal blur would work again. but when I turned on raytraced display-mode, the viewport turns all white as soon as it switches from rendered to actually raytraced.

that’s like one step forward, two steps backwards.

now I’m at the office and want to know if this “white-raytraced-bug” happens only on my home-system (AMD) or will my machine here (nvidia) be affected too.
I guess I shouldn’t install the new WIP?
I want to finish some renderings today before I’ll be on holiday tomorrow and fore some of them, focal blur would really be nice.

As a safer solution, showZBuffer; capture that to file and use the lens blur in photoshop with the z buffer as a reference. It will accept a depth channel.

thanks, nice workaround. but all this extra work is not acceptable for me right now.

since i really need to render today and rather render without dof instead of not being able to render at all, i haven’t installed the new WIP jet.

anyone experiencing the “white-raytraced-bug” so far?

if i install it and it will not work - will i be able to reinstall the older wip without further complication?

I think what you’re describing is expected behavior.
Can you please post a message with an image and description that more accurately describes your issue?
As far as I know, the viewport display modes for Serengeti (V6) are finished.

No, could you check in the Cycles options whether your card is still in the OpenCL list? Try also selecting CPU and see if that works better.

If your card is still in the OpenCL list, could you please repeat your system info here?



back now.
I didn’t do the update that day cause renderings not working at all was too big of a risk.
installed the latest wip and renderings as well as dof work fine - nice.

Always good to read this kind of messages while on vacation (:

ok, wish you happy holidays!

but please come back soon :grin:

since I came back I hadn’t been using my home-system on which I experienced the “white-raytraced-bug”.
I’m at this system right now. latest wip is installed. Here cycles still shows the same behavior. when using cycles as renderer the renderwindow returns a black image. raytraced in the viewport returns a white image. I found out that in raytraced I can see the environment map but the objects don’t seem to show up.
@nathanletwory yep, card is still in the openCL list, see:

Btw, would be nice if the card would be called by it’s commonly known name, not “67EF:CF”.
If I switch to cpu as render-hardware it works fine. So I guess cycles has problems with the RX460. No problem with my work-pc/GTX1060 like I mentioned above.
Not a real problem for me, since I don’t actually work with this machine.

@John_Brock more screenshots like you asked for.
renderwindow, cycles, RX460:

raytraced RX460:

raytraced CPU:

@nathanletwory here is the system info output:
system-info.txt (1.5 KB)

If the name isn’t showing properly you may need to update your driver, doing a clean install (ensures no old driver files are left in the system).

Both Cycles and Rhino seem to get the wrong name, which is an indicatiob the driver isn’t installed correctly.

the system is relatively fresh. it was set up with the latest whql driver and is updated to the latest.
when I’m back home I’ll try the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility and then reinstall the driver.
hope that’ll do it.

Keeping fingers crossed!

home for lunch.
did the cleanup and reinstall.
well the name is displayed correctly now:

but other than that, everything is still the same :unamused:

these screenshots should explain a bit more what happens.
viewport rendered:

viewport raytraced:

both perspective viewports show the scene from the exact same position. in rendered mode you can see the objects and the 360environment. raytraced does show the 360environment but all the objects are not beeing displayed at all.
also a rhino repair didn’t help.

But CPU render with Raytraced works OK, right?

yep it does:

just for the record:
not fixed in today’s wip