Raytraced display mode pixel scale


I opened a file from which I need to do some renderings. the raytraced display mode behaves strange. the pixels are way too big. I can’t get it to behave normally. same with newly created files. it’s also the material thumbnails, see:

raytraced resolution

capture to file images and renderwindow are unaffected by this. is this maybe related to windows scaling? I may have changed the scaling factor a few times in the past. currently 150%, but I had used 125% and 100% previously.

how can I fix this?

it is super annoying that I can’t upload pictures here when using firefox. had to switch to chrome for making this post. this problem was reported before. please do something about this as well.

You have changed the viewport sharpness setting. In Rhino 7: Tools > Options > Cycles. In Rhino 8: Tools > Options > Rhino Render.

yep, that was it, it’s sharp and as expected now again. thank you.

though I can’t remember ever having touched that slider before.

now thinking more about this, I might have actually touched that slider. yep, I think it was me. damn.