V8 realtime display mode viewports jaggy

had a user point out some jaggy lines in my viewport renderer; didn’t see how that could happen so I looked into it a bit, and found the same occurring with cycles:

rhino-viewport-jaggy.3dm (3.1 MB)

this may be sensitive to viewport resolution, in this case the resolution is 1755 x 1240

the user reports seeing this in v7 but I have not yet reproduced it there, nor have I tried to do so on macos; this example is using 8.0.23241.14305, 2023-08-29

Whoops. I forgot about this issue.

Just to show that this can be easily replicated. You can see this in both Bella and Raytraced modes. I can get this to happen in versions 7, WIP, and… BETA. Ramp up the contrast, and it can easily be seen as an edge, where the pixels are thrown out presumably into four quadrants of the viewport.



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appears fixed in 8.0.23264.9003, 2023-09-21