RH 8 - a collection of bugs?

as mentioned in earlier posts, I have not yet found reason to use RH8 for mac in a professional capacity, and I have stated those sentiments in a perhaps disgruntled manner. And apparently my options while expressing such frustrations are to leave the platform entirely…

Well, that is just not an option for me, so… lets overcome the initial feelings of shock and despair, seeing that most of my favorite workflows are not working anymore in RH8, and start being constructive , and try working with the new UI, as it seemingly is intended by the developers.

Thus, this little collection and video documentation of issues I experinece (bugs ?) is entirely of service to the Rhino Devs, and the fact that they combined makes the toolbar-workflow entirely useless is now beside the point.

Maybe Im just unlucky with a hardware setup (Mac intel) that is not quite yet implemented for the new RH8 for Mac, but in any case I hope these bugs will be fixed. Very soon, thanks.

I feel like I have been sold a shining new porsche, with exceptional new muscle under the hood… but the retailer just forgot to mention the stick is faulty, and some gears are missing… Oh , yes , and we have also now decided to an entirely new gear pattern, which we HOPE will function, perhaps some time next version (RH9)… Very tricky to drive such a car right out the box…

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Thanks for consolidating all your feedback. We would hate to have you leave Rhino, and we really don’t like having people be disappointed with a purchase.

We’ve got an Intel Mac Mini on order, and hope to be able to reproduce these problems with that mac. Most of us Mac users at McNeel have succumbed to all the glitter and promises of speed with Rhino 8 and Apple Silicon (it really is pretty amazing).

@brian Hi Brian. Thankyou so much for your response. I must admit I have felt a little bit stumped here, as you can see… And the response i’ve received in the forum has mostly been " meh, its the new ETO, nothing much we can do about it…"

I have also been looking forward to get a new Mac M2 (max studio or ultra) , but these first impressions of RH8 didnt bode well for such an upgrade… I have started thinking, why not wait even longer, untill the M3 Mac Studio comes out next summer, perhaps RH8 UI is more mature at that time…

Anyhow… Im very glad you take an interest in this !

I wouldn’t believe these statements. We can absolutely make changes and fix these user interface issues (and we are actively doing this).

THANKS ! That is so good to hear. My faith in McNeel (and love for Rhino) is restored !

Orbiting a single 3D Box in Rendered mode is laggy as hell.
I wouldn’t call SIlicon RH8 “amazing”.

And only God knows if this will be fixed one day:

Apple MacBook Pro M3 laptop is as powerful (18GB RAM), as cheap ($2k), and as lightweight (1.6kg) as midrange PC laptop. It has nice operating system, but it is not powerful enough for professional CAD work.

No, it would surprise me if you did. However, it’s more amazing than Rhino 7 on a 2014 Intel Mac.

2014? Oh, then, what a relief!

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