RESTful.Gdal error with Heron

Hello @Brian_Washburn

I haven’t used Heron for a while and today I updated to the latest version of Heron using the package manager. First I deleted the old version folder from grasshopper components folder. Then, I installed Heron with package manager. But I’m getting this error on most components:

1. Solution exception:O inicializador de tipo para 'RESTful.GdalConfiguration' accionou uma excepção. which roughly translates to "The type initializer for ‘RESTful.GdalConfiguration’ added an exception’

I also had Elk installed which has its own GDAL dll. So I tried to delete the folder from the Grasshopper components folder. Yet, the error persists. Any ideas?

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Hi @Filipe_Brandao ,
Can you try following the steps from the post below and let me know if that fixes the issue?


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Hello @Brian_Washburn

It worked after restarting Rhino. Thanks!


Hi @Brian_Washburn I tried the suggested Solver solution but I continue to receive the same error.