Import Vector error

Hello @Brian_Washburn and other experts in Heron,

I’m getting an error message when I try to read shape files.
All the shapefiles used to work a while ago throw this error message:

  1. Solution exception:The type initializer for ‘RESTful.GdalConfiguration’ threw an exception.
    How can I resolve this issue?

Hi @Dongyeop_Lee ,
I have seen this happen when installing Heron through the package manager, which is the preferred method (related Heron Github issue). Basically, Heron is looking for GDAL libraries and can’t find them when they are installed in the packages folder. The work-around for this issue has been the following: in Grasshopper Settings>Solver>Plug-in Loading, scroll down to Heron and click the little puzzle piece icon so that you see the disk.

I have found a possible fix here which I will try implementing in the next release:


Thank you @Brian_Washburn. It didn’t resolve the issue for me, but the error message was changed to:

  1. Solution exception:Unable to open EPSG support file gcs.csv. Try setting the GDAL_DATA environment variable to point to the directory containing EPSG csv files.

    Do you have any suggestions?

Apologies for the delay. It’s odd that it can now find where Heron is, but not find the subfolder with the gcs.csv file. This file is located in the following folder:


Try copying all the files in that folder up into the same folder as the Heron.gha file.

Thank you for your reply. I don’t have “data” folder under gdal.

Should I move all the files in x64 folder or am I missing data folder?
I installed Heron via Package Manager.

It looks like you are missing both “data” and “share” folders. Are you able to uninstall/reinstall to see if they show up?

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That was it! I guess I had to uninstall Heron first prior installing a newer version via Package Manager. Error messages are gone now.