Request for additional keys for shortcuts & custom navigation settings

As a new user to Rhino and user of other CAD packages, I would like to request the option to use Shift (and possibly Alt) in keyboard shortcuts together with alphanumeric keys. In Autocad, shift can be used to temporary overwrite snaps and there are many more examples in which, from a user perspective, mimicing other programs makes it easier to work with multiple packages.

Usually, these discussions end with someone stating others should mimic Rhino, but the truth of the matter is that no single piece of software is capable of doing everything. There are certainly things done best in Rhino and for some things you’ll have to resort to something else. The more Rhino is open to user customisation in terms of shortcuts the better it can be adopted in ones pipeline.

On the same token, I would like to emphasise that an ability to change navigation buttons for keyboard and mouse (yes, MMB pan please! and rotation with MMB + shift! though each their own preference) would be more than welcome. If this goes against Rhino’s internal logic for using any given modifier, then perhaps this could be something for the user to resolve with custom settings.

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In Rhino the Alt key toggles object snaps.

The main problem is that Rhino’s command line is not case sensitive when parsing alphanumeric entries, thus Shift+any letter is interpreted the same way as the letter itself - which could represent the start of a command, an option etc.

I am aware that Rhino functions that way, but that’s besides the point. If one package uses certain shortcuts and relies on Shift (/ Alt) + Alphanumerical keys, then not being able to use it in Rhino becomes a workflow breaker, as one has to think of the alternative keys.

Moreover, with SubD integration, there will be an even higher pressure on the few keys available for shortcuts. Think of the many shortcuts are required in Maya, Blender, 3ds Max or Cinema4D for polymodeling commands to speed up your workflow (e.g. bridge on edges & polygons, brush selection (& strength/ fall-off/ brush size) and bevel are all usually mapped to “[modifier combo] + B” and that’s just the SubD modelling part for one key! Not to mention any sculpting features, since these won’t be in Rhino for a while.
Also, not having to press space after an alias thanks to shortcuts is certainly my preferred route.

It should certainly be possible to accomodate for this if there is a suficiently sized userbase to back up the request. Time and development resources are the only restraints imo.


Hi guys,

having to switch from archicad to rhino and other softwares, I try to optimize my workflow and I really need to bind shorcuts with the shift and alt key. This is a big part of my productive workflow.
I made a post about it 1 year ago Invalid Alias - #2 by wim

Many thanks to developers in taking this whish into account :slight_smile:

Would it be difficult / impossible to implement @Helvetosaur ?

Charles C.

The F13-F24 keys should be useable as well (incl. modifiers combinations). I am now having a look at Microsoft Powertoys’s keyboard manager to add custom shortcuts for key combinations that are not available by default in Rhino. The F13-F24 keys would be great keys to have, so you can park a command there and remap Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar to F13 in Powertoys for Rhino and have it execute ToggleRightSidebar, for instance.

Now I am using the Ctrl+Alt+9 combination for that:

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