Customizable Shortcuts in Rhino 8

The issue is that in my current workflow I use over a hundred shortcuts (I like to keep all my shortcuts to my left hand to free my right for the mouse), that’s why it’s critical for me to be able to use any combination of cmd, alt, ctrl, shift that I like. In 7 that was possible, in 8 it’s currently limited to a set of predefined shortcuts. If there is any way to make the shortcut preferences flexible as they were in 7 I would appreciate it so much. A understand that it is a work in progress, however I would really like to work with it since Rhino7 is incredibly slow on my M1 Mac.
Thanks a lot for your hard work!

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Iv’e also asked for this here.
Basically a Plus Button is missing in the keyboard list…
With so many things going on… perhaps they forget to write one in?
I very much hope they did not decided we don’t need more key options…?

Hopefully your post reach someone in the support team. [they seems to be very busy with many requests going unnoticed]


Hey thanks for replying! I’m really glad to hear I’m not alone here! Sure hope they didn’t think we don’t need more shortcuts :smiling_face::pray:

I’m struggling with this as well in the v8 Beta. There is no option to program keyboard shortcuts. Creating an alias is NOT the same as keyboard shortcuts. Why has this been taken away?? My workflow will suffer greatly.

Why has the ability to create keyboard shortcuts been taken away in v8?