Customizable Shortcuts in Rhino 8

The issue is that in my current workflow I use over a hundred shortcuts (I like to keep all my shortcuts to my left hand to free my right for the mouse), that’s why it’s critical for me to be able to use any combination of cmd, alt, ctrl, shift that I like. In 7 that was possible, in 8 it’s currently limited to a set of predefined shortcuts. If there is any way to make the shortcut preferences flexible as they were in 7 I would appreciate it so much. A understand that it is a work in progress, however I would really like to work with it since Rhino7 is incredibly slow on my M1 Mac.
Thanks a lot for your hard work!


Iv’e also asked for this here.
Basically a Plus Button is missing in the keyboard list…
With so many things going on… perhaps they forget to write one in?
I very much hope they did not decided we don’t need more key options…?

Hopefully your post reach someone in the support team. [they seems to be very busy with many requests going unnoticed]


Hey thanks for replying! I’m really glad to hear I’m not alone here! Sure hope they didn’t think we don’t need more shortcuts :smiling_face::pray:

I’m struggling with this as well in the v8 Beta. There is no option to program keyboard shortcuts. Creating an alias is NOT the same as keyboard shortcuts. Why has this been taken away?? My workflow will suffer greatly.

Why has the ability to create keyboard shortcuts been taken away in v8?

Hi, I have the same problem. I just installed V8 Evaluation today and I can’t find a way how to add Keyboard shortcuts. I’m working with a lot lot of “control+” commands derived from Maya and without them the new version is quite unusable for me. I hope, it will be added soon. I’ll rather stuck with my old V5 then buy V8 update without custom shortcuts.

Really hope they fix this. I ended up using a combination of the built in shortcuts and shortcuts I setup via system preferences - I’m using a Mac I hope there is a similar option on PC - as long as there is a menu item for the command I could setup a shortcut. Not a perfect solution since not all the commands are in the menus but I managed to get to a usable setup with the combination. Notice you can also use sub menus with the syntax ‘menu item->sub menu item’ (again - on Mac). Hope this helps someone.

I kind of hoped, that I will be able to find some workaround though _Macros window, but there is also no option for assigning a shortcut. I at least tried to use some of the empty commands from Preferences, but it doesn’t work properly. For example, Scale or Move works perfectly, but Scale1D (assigned to alt+T) doesn’t seem to work at all. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Please, can someone from McNeel let us know, if there is a chance, that it will be fixed soon?

I would check if alt-t isn’t defined in your operating system

I’ve just paid for R8 and committed to trying to use it as my daily driver (:crossed_fingers:).

So, I have no choice but to change and relearn quite a lot of custom shortcuts. And re-enter all of them by hand, apparently, since OptionsImport doesn’t seem to import any shortcuts right now.

I suspect this won’t ever be fixed, because it doesn’t feel like an accident. I notice they’ve mapped Cmd+1/2/3… to change display modes, even though the old Ctrl+Cmd+W/S/R… are still the defaults. My guess is they are moving to unify both custom and built-in shortcuts between Mac and Windows (which is not possible if Mac shortcuts can use Ctrl as well as Cmd). Though that still doesn’t explain why I can’t have Shift+Alt combos.

Anyhow, I’m not going to wait around over this, as it will have stopped annoying me before the cheap upgrade window expires. It would be nice if a new Rhino version could feel more like an upgrade than a punishment in the first month, but whatever. Still beats giving money to Autodesk.

No kidding. More than a month for 6 and 7 imho.

True, but really, really faint praise.

Ok guys, I made it! It’s a very sketchy workaround, but it works! I mapped my rhino commands to empty combinations in preferences. I tried CMD+Shift+(F1-F12) and it worked for me. Then I used the external application (Keyboard Maestro) for remapping the keys for the key combinations, that I’m using in my V5.

It’s quite sad, that we need to use another app just for setting custom keyboard shortcuts. Please McNeel guys, fix it soon.

Is this for real? Can we seriously not set our own custom keyboard shortcuts in 8???

Sorry for the late answer in this thread.

I’m quite sure many of the issues here are logged, I’ll try to list them or add them if they are missing


Alt+T (option +T) works here for _Scale1D on my Mac

RH-77588 Cmd+Ctrl+ shortcuts are missing
RH-77587 How to change the default shortcuts for display modes

So even though there are currently limited key combinations, via Options > Keyboard you should be able to program your shortcuts.

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Sorry, but can I ask you why there is any limitation? There was no problem in previous versions to set any combination that I wanted.

For example I was using just ctrl+letter for basic commands (ctrl+W - move, ctrl+E - rotate, ctrl+R - scale, …) and ctrl+shift+letter for alternative command (ctrl+shift+W - copy, ctrl+shift+E - rotate3D, …). Will it be also posiible to set these shortcut in future versions?

yes but not to the keys we want.

RH-78454 Ctrl, Shift and Ctrl + Shift shortcuts are missing

RH-78453 Allow adding custom shortcut key combinations


I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but in at least one case, a custom shortcut is overridden by an internal mapping (Mac Rhino 8.1.23325.13002).

In Settings… > Keyboard I have cmd+F mapped to !_Copy, but using that shortcut runs the _FindText command.

Technically, yes it is possible to program shortcuts (Aliases), however the implementation in v8 is severely limiting and not as efficient compared to v7. In v7 it’s possible to make unadorned shortcuts using modifier keys, thereby allowing many more shortcuts. Secondly, this method is much simple than using an Alias since a hard return is not necessary to execute the shortcut. Isn’t it more value added to remove the need to press enter on all platforms, rather than force all platform users to the ‘enter’ key workflow? I find this to be an Autocad leftover and antiquated.