Suggestion: use Alt+key combination to open panels

Rhino has very good keyboard customization option, a little more will be useful if rhino enables the user to popup any toolbar by pressing Alt+( any key) and this should be customizable from options. comment your view if you like.

i even imagine to use like ALT+numeric keyboard for aliases, for example: Alt+12 for trim, Alt+546 for box, Alt+8 for polyline. to use this, user first hold Alt key and then type the numbers he want and then as soon he release the Alt key, the command should be activated.
It has following advantages-

  1. We can assign any number of commands
  2. it is said that we remember numbers more than letters.
  3. we only use QWER ASDF ZXCV mainly for keyboard shortcuts as other keys are difficult to access with Ctrl+ combination.
  4. Rhino has unique connection with numbers (we can see similar in grashopper by typing any number we get number slider) so it will feel unique for rhino users.
  5. we can assign any macro, script (python/rhino) that we use on regular basis.

Alt + numerical input is used for ascii code

And Alt+letter codes are used by Windows for navigating menus (holdover from Windows 3.1).
(i.e. Alt+F will open the file menu in Rhino - or any other program that has a file menu.)

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this can be changed to use only upper numeric line of keyboard because the way i am thinking about providing input seems more easy as it requires less movement of both hands.

I don’t think so. Look at the keyboard shortcuts available in Rhino:

I like the idea of utilizing the ALT key for something more practical than opening menus or typing in special characters. Actually, I never, like in never ever, used one of these, so it’s dispensable in my world. Would free lots of good key combinations.

Brother, what you are saying is technically right. But the idea i am suggesting is a new approach for utilizing Keyboard to quickly input what came to our mind with minimum movement of both hands. We tends to resist when our mind see a new thing but first you should try by your own. I have tested this myself and find it useful because left hand is already near the Alt/Ctrl key and Right hand is also near to numeric input which provide calm input of command.I can do this thing with Autohotkey but I am suggesting this because it can be useful to other community people as well. If you find it useful we can also use CTRL key for that.

Anyway it is completely the choice of community and i am ending my discussion.

I have nothing against your idea. All I’m trying to say is that alt and control keys are already used for so many things…

Let’s not mingle ALT and CTRL so quickly.
CTRL wasn’t part of the discussion, but the ALT key is used for only a few useless things, so it’s fair to debate it.

Well, I wouldn’t call suspending object snaps or making a drag copy “useless”…


Supending snapping with ALT is most useful, and I use it all the time.
Yet this only makes sense in some interactive edit session. When you aren’t in the middle of one, ALT could easily be used for other key combinations (like the ones with CTRL), since these are practically mutually exclusive. You don’t often want to start a new command when you drag something, right?

Rhino is quite sensitive to all sorts of modifier key combinations, and if they are invoked before or after some other key or mouse button. In our theoretical case of invoking commands, I don’t see a problem.

Nudge also uses alt and ctrl and shift :grinning:

Right! The same mechanism that listens to ALT+somearrowkey can be used to invoke commands via ALT-anyotherkey.