Custom keyboard shortcuts

Please make customizable keyboard shortcuts in Rhino for Windows, like in Rhino for Mac. It is more effective working, when you are able to setup the software personally. Or Is there any different way how to do that, instead of aliases ?

Thank You


Hi Tom – Options > Aliases and Options > Keyboard are the two places to look in Rhino for Windows.


Hi, Thanks a lot for help, I will try it !



Let’s resurrect this thread a bit!

I’m really-really missing a few variations from the available list:
as far as I see, it is only possible to create shortcuts for the

Fn keys
Ctrl + Fn keys
Ctrl+Shift + Fn keys
Ctrl+Alt + Fn keys
Ctrl + English alphabet letters
Ctrl+Shift + English alphabet letters
Ctrl+Alt + English alphabet letters
Ctrl + 0-9
Ctrl+Shift + 0-9
Ctrl+Alt + 0-9

Which is really limiting. In other programs I have a lot of other shortcuts, Shift + Something, Ctrl+Alt+Shift + Something (yeah, I know…), Alt+Shift + Something, and by “Something” I also mean weird, esoteric characters like öüóőúéáű too.

So in a sense, the Mac version of the command editor is much-much better!

Mac version:

also possible to use silly characters:

Windows version:

Could you make the “Restore Defaults” button a little bit smaller, to make some room for the “Add Custom” one?:wink:


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Hi -

We have that request on the list as RH-3534.
I’ve added this post to that item.


Thanks, @wim!
As I can see, the release target is “Future”, so there is no chance this will make v7?

That’s correct, yes. This would affect the entire interface and is a pretty big project.

Yes please for shift + […], alt + […] and shift + alt + […] combinations (including FN keys), this is such a bummer when coming from polymodeling packages that allow you to use these buttons.
May I add the option to differentiate between the regular numerical row and the numpad? In general, when there is no active command, both could be used for keyboard shortcuts. The ability to use both boosts the number of available single key shortcuts.

E: The arrow keys with modifiers could be mapped to NextU, PreviousU, NextV, PreviousV and to Grow/ Shrink SubD selections.


There is a way to manage the custom shortcuts for rhino - windows. You can do this with autohotkey application, it works well and you are able to create custom shortcuts. I`m using rhino everyday and it really work and saves a lot of time. Of course native implementation in Rhino without another apps would be better. But it solve the actual problem.

Link to app:

Hope it helps :wink:

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New to Windows and new to Rhino7, (25 yrs on Mac &3d).
Just ordered a PC, to get the “closest-to-average” Rhino7 experience.
(Delaying Rhino7 purchase until I get a sense of Windows10).

This app sounds great, but can it easily get messed up with updates? Does Rhino always recognize the user’s personal short cuts? This would be great to emulate with my long term shortcuts on Mac.

I would like to know how to configure keybords hotkeys as they used to be in TSpline Not Aliases…
this way…

its quite importatnt because the sub D softwares have the same and its easy and simple with a qwert keyboard and speeds up the modeling

Hi Bo,

I´m too Mac user, and I had to swap to PC - Windows, so currently I´m working on both platforms. Using autohotkey on windows, is great, it temporary remaps the keyboard for the app you specified. I´m using rhino 6 and it works like charm. Hope there wouldn´t be any incompatibility with rhino 7. Windows updates maybe will make more problems, than rhino updates…

I hope that possibility to add custom shortcuts will be aded in next gen of Rhino !

can you share any script for shortcut please

here is sample for autohotkey, this will remap Shift + M key, to CtrlAlt F8:

Send +^{f8}

Could there please be the whole fn keys…eg 13-24 as well…indispensable for any package :slight_smile: