Invalid Alias

Hi community,

I’m trying to bind 1, 2, 3, 4 even # as shortkey, but it looks like they are ‘‘invalid alias’’ ?!.. Even Shift+1,2,3,4… seems to not exist as keyboard shortcuts…

help here plz! :wink:


Hi Charles -
You can’t use numbers as aliases.

We have an open feature request for more shortcuts and I have added your vote - RH-3534.

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thanks @wim. So sad tho, i want to navigate throught different viewports as in 3ds max, using 1,2,3,4 or shift+1,2,3,4.

Any workaround possible with macros or somethings ?


Hi - the current workaround is to use Ctrl+1 instead of Shift.

ran into the same issue and found this thread, I have shortcuts for equivalent tools in other software I would love to add to rhino but won’t work like numbers etc. I would love to see implemented how do I add my vote? feature request was added 5 years ago so I’m assuming it hasn’t received enough votes to move forward?

Hi Ryan -

I’ve added your vote.
Popular demand is only one of several factors that influence the implementation of new features…

Appreciate it Wim! Hope it moves forward sooner than later.

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1 year later, any further developpement ? I still badly need this function :wink:

Thanks @wim

Charles C.

Why don’t you get your other software to change to how Rhino works? Rhino is a CAD program. People use it to actually build things that have to be a particular size. Entering numbers is a core thing, overloading number keys is absurd, and there’s no way to detangle things so that you can actually do this thing 5 people are asking for without completely changing how the program works.

Of course if you’re really into all this fifteen million shortcuts thing do what the ‘serious’ people do is have a separate keyboard that you can program however you like…

20 years ago I used to think this customization stuff was actually important…it’s not. The more you know how to use Rhino the FEWER commands you actually use, and customizing everything to high heaven doesn’t really save you the time it took to implement, and makes you useless if you ever encounter a stock install of the product.

thanks for this constructive answer @JimCarruthers, I’m aware that using complexe shortcut system isn’t for everyone, although, using blender, 3ds, cinema4D, zbrush, archicad and others, to fasten my workflow, the use of shift and alt in shortcut combination is a must. For now Rhino is one of the rare software not allowing the use of theses key in shortcut combination.

So I’m asking if this would be complexe to implement into rhino :slight_smile:


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If you want to change the behavior of key combinations like Shift+numbers you could use a tool like AutoHotKey, and make that shortcut trigger a different one that is supported by Rhino.
This could also work for single number keys (it is possible to distinguish between the numbers on the standard keyboard and the ones on the numeric pad)