Limits on Rhino keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys?

I may have one downfall of Rhino Windows vs OSX
As a previous Mac Rhino user, I was able to program any keys or combinations thereof imaginable as shortcuts. I just switched to Rhino Windows, and am seeing a limited list of keys & combinations that I could assign commands to - are these really it or am I missing something? Any way to override this?

For example, I was hoping to program combinations of Alt+, or Shift+ or Windows Key+, and do not see any of them on the list.
My strategy back on OSX was to utilize all of these in combinations, in order to maximize taking advantage of the most conveniently located letter & number keys many times over, before moving on to the lesser convenient ones.

thanks to everyone in advance!

All the possibilities are under Options>Keyboard, there are plenty of Alt+, Ctrl+, and Shift+ combinations… No Windows key combos, those are reserved for Windows.

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Thank you for the response but the keyboard shortcuts section offers only Ctrl+Shift+ and Ctrl+Alt+ combos, no Shift+ and Alt+ on their own (there are actually are just 4 Shift+ combos but not the full array of letter & number combos I was hoping for, and no Alt+)

The reason for no Shift-only combos in Rhino is that Rhino is command-line driven and the command-line interpreter is not case sensitive, so Shift+S is interpreted the same as S which could be the start of a command such as Split…

As far as not having Alt-only options, those are normally reserved for Windows (dates back to Windows 3.1, and yes, I am old enough to have used it back then) - Alt+letter key activates the active program’s menu starting with that letter - try typing Alt+F in Rhino and see what happens…

Thank you for the clarification! Greedy Windows!
That’s one thing that is more customizable on OSX - you can go and disable
OSX shortcuts to re-purpose them in Rhino as you wish, and OSX doesn’t take
up so many shortcut combos.