Render Grasshopper mesh colors with Enscape

Color maps created in Grasshopper with GH components or Ladybug, don´t show in Raytraced mode, Rendering or in Enscape.

Even when Baked to Rhino, the mesh colors don´t show in Arctic, Raytraced display modes or when rendered in Rhino or Enscape.

How can we keep the mesh colors to be shown in display modes, renders and Enscape?

Hi Arlind -
See this post for getting these to show in Raytraced and renderings.



Thank you @wim !
It worked perfectly.

I had tried a workaround of saving the colored mesh as texture and then apply it to the mesh. No need to do that now.

It would be great to have this extended in the future to the preview of Grasshopper meshes in Rhino for Arctic, Raytraced modes.

It would be also great to have the colored mesh previewed or baked with colors in Revit with Rhino.Inside.

Also trasparency for meshes would be great to have.

Let´s hope it comes in the next updates/releases.

For Raytraced mode it is exactly that vertex color material you need. What would be interesting though is to add some option to our materials to tell them to use the vertex colors as input to their color channels. Logged as RH-66557 Allow Rhino materials to use vertex colors

Not sure what you mean by that. Just add a proper material with which you can control the opacity? Or are you looking more for RH-65601 Display: Vertex colors with alpha

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Hello @nathanletwory ,
Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the vertex color material works when a Grasshopper-Ladybug simulation is baked in Rhino.

The Arctic mode works if to the mesh is applied a a different display mode with “SetObjectDisplayMode”.

If the geometry is not baked, but previewed in Grasshopper, the Arctic and Raytraced modes don´t show mesh colors. It is not crucial now that I know “vertex colors” option. It would be just a bit more flexible if that would work without baking, with the GH preview in Rhino.

Yes, this is it. Here is an older post with a workaround, but it slows down everything or can create a bottleneck for large simulations if used:

The color information of meshes is related to the values assigned. It works well with a Heatmap in Ladybug.

I don´t remember accurately but I have tried it 3-4 months ago with Rhino.Inside to preview the GH, or the baked Rhino mesh into Revit, but it was not showing the colors of the mesh.

I have tried Rhino with Semantic plugin of Proving Ground that can preview Rhino models in Power BI. Their workflows worked when the mesh is exploded to single meshes with values and reassigned in Power BI. Doing it this way creates a huge bottleneck and works only well with a limited amount of meshes.

Thank you again for your time and help @wim and @nathanletwory

You should not have to bake the geometry. Using the custom display node should work.

I will test to double-check when back at my keyboard.

edit: tested, and indeed the render mesh does not have its vertex colors when piped through the custom preview component. Logged as RH-66568 Grasshopper Custom Preview component missing vertex colors

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