How are these baked mesh colors stored?

Oh the shame! This is a glaring gap in my knowledge. I created a mesh in GH and assigned 4 colors to it, based on a function. I baked the mesh to Default and then selected a mesh face in Rhino to see what sort of attributes there were. I see the colors in Shaded and Rendered, but not Raytraced, but I can’t find where that color information is. Is there a material associated with this or what am I really looking at?

mesh color (16.6 KB)

Probably as vertex colors (cf. Mesh.VertexColors Property)!

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So, this isn’t actually a material. Is it just for display purposes, or can it be exported for 3D printing? And why wouldn’t it show up in Raytraced mode?

It is surely good for 3d printing but yes for sure it is not good as a material. There are some tweaks to output mesh vertex color to an image in order to use this image as a texture for a material. So it could be used then in a renderer.

I also had to make my own workflow in order to do that for texturing objects (mesh or breps …). You could reuse my code with your shader (transformation XYZ to a color). You just need to put some UV on you mesh.