Rendering Mesh Colors


I created a sunpath diagram on grasshopper using lady bug and baked the colored mesh with the results.

I now want to render the mesh with the displayed colors to get a high quality image out of it.

This is the colored mesh, baked directly from the ladybug sun analysis. This screenshot was taken in the render view on rhino 7.

This is the rhino 7 render, clearly not displaying the colors.
Screenshot 2022-03-07 185952

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Hello - can you post a file with the mesh?


For Rhino Render in Rhino 7 you need to add a vertex color material. This is currently hidden behind the command TestShowPrivateContent. Running it once will make the Cycles Vertex Color material available for you. Create one and assign it to your mesh.

what about for a v-ray render?

Untitled.3dm (554.0 KB)
This is the colored mesh.

I know nothing about V-Ray, sorry. I assume V-Ray has a similar material of its own for this purpose.

Edit: Your file with the Cycles VertexColor material applied to the mesh:

Yes this works for the rhino render, but not the v-ray render.

As I said V-Ray most likely has their own material for this, but I don’t know anything about that.

I wrote the Cycles VertexColor material to get those colors working in Raytraced and Rhino Render, as the Cycles integration is what I work on.

Hi @nathanletwory, I’m trying to render a mesh that renders with colours in raytraced, but in rhino render mode instead. I followed your advice and applied the Cycles VertexColor material to the mesh, however it still doesn’t display any colour embedded in the vertices, instead it uses the basic colour assigned to the object… I attach the mesh I’m struggling with here. Any clue?
terrainVertexColor.3dm (10.0 MB)

In Rhino7 ensure you have Rhino Render set as current renderer, not Legacy Rhino Render.