Untitled Files Names From Server

Hi, at the office we just recently move files to a new server and now sometimes when we open a file to work on it will load locally as an untitled.3dm file with all the objects, but sometimes not all the materials. And at times some functionality is missing, for instance, one of the designers had a file open as “untitled” and was unable to split a solid but was able to do so in another instance of the same file open as “untitled.” It’s weird and I hope I’m explaining it correctly - I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences. I’m also aware that this could, in fact, be a problem with the server and not Rhino at all, but just looking to cover all the bases.


Hi John - so, if I understand you, the files have names, and users are using Open (right?) and not New, to access the files and they open as Untitled?


Yes, that’s correct, thanks for the quick reply.

Hm - I don’t know how that is possible… I’ll ask…
@jv255, Hi John - if the files are copied to the local desktop, do they open normally?


Yes, they open normally.


Hi John - I am not sure what to suggest, I’ll see if the developers have any more thoughts - this is not something we’ve run into before as far as I know and it should not even be possible, I would think…


No problem, thanks for looking into.