Splash Screen Empty File Save Bug

Yesterday I read the thread about an issue with Rhino asking to save an empty file every time it launches. I’d noticed this happening recently - it was a minor annoyance.

Encouraged by some of the debugging suggestions in the thread, I decided to click on yes to save the untitled file, with the intention of trying to find out why it was asking to save. The expected save dialogue didn’t appear, but open instead. Being unable to save the file, I clicked on cancel. I didn’t realise at the time, but this overwrote my work file with the empty file and I lost a considerable amount of work (fortunately I had a backup but it was a couple of days old).

I thought perhaps I’d done something stupid (maybe I did) and have recreated the steps I took yesterday twice now using test files. On both occasions Rhino overwrites the file selected from the splash screen with an empty file if you say you want to save the untitled file.

This seems to be a pretty serious bug.

Hello - can you describe the steps exactly, to get to this result?


Hi Pascal. Yes, of course.

Start Rhino, it launches and the splash screen appears with my recently opened files. I click on the file I want to open.

A dialogue asks me to save untitled, with yes the default. Usually I click on no, yesterday I clicked on yes.

Another dialogue appears but it isn’t Save, but Open. Curiously the Command Line in Rhino is showing the Save Command but you can’t do anything with it as the Open dialogue prevents it.

Click on cancel to exit the Open dialogue and Rhino automatically saves the empty untitled document with the file name used by the document you selected from the splash screen.

Yep, OK, thanks, I believe this came up recently and is on our bug tracker, I’ll see if I can find it.

I think this is the same thing:



Where would I get a warning about it? It would’ve been nice to know yesterday before clicking on yes that I was about to throw away two days work! :smiley:

Yes, that looks like it.

Hello - yes, of course – it is a bug, and not the good kind … and it is fixed in 6.21 as far I can see. 6.20 is the current public release, but you can get the current 6.21 by setting update frequency (Options > Updates and Statistics page) to ‘Release Candidate’.


It isn’t a good bug, I agree on that. On the bright side, it’s taught me a lesson - I’d got rather complacent about backups so it’s no bad thing. Yesterday was the first time in 20 years of professional CAD use I’d lost work.

Thankfully I did have a backup so all wasn’t lost. I am now slightly paranoid about that bloody dialogue though!

Thanks for your help Pascal.