Problems importing .dwg to Rhino 5.5.3


I’ve been working on Rhino now for already 4 years. This problem has happened to me before but never till this magnitude.

Recently I’ve been modelling interiors to further export them to twinmotion for rendering. (That another story and irrelevant for this issue)

The problem arises in the importing of CAD (BIM 3D models) from manufacturers (Grohe) to Rhino.
Till yesterday I could import all .dwg files to Rhino without any problem. I even imported other BIM 3D models from other manufacturers such as Duravit, Oli, etc. Today though, when I tried to import the .dwg files, the software did not let me.
It is worthy to remark that the downloadable files were either 3D (.rfa or .dxf) or 2D (.dwg) as there is no revit for mac, I didn’t download the .rfa version first (although I did try later through a colleague’s computer and did not succeed either). The 3D .dxf file displayed well on AutoCAD and even could be saved as a .dwg file. Nevertheless, Rhino would not let me import it - neither .dxf or the newly saved .dwg.
I even tried the commands “extract edges”, "convert to mesh/NURBS and copied the given lines/surfaces to a new .dwg file. It still would not let me import it.
What worries we the most is that after that failed first import, Rhino would not let me even import other .dwg files which I had already successfully imported previously. The only way was relaunching the software - then I could import the previous files TILL the moment I tried to import the needed .dwg (Grohe element) file, after it, Rhino would not let me import anything till relaunching the software again.

This has happened to me a couple of times, and (I do not know why) eventually the software succeeded importing the file. This time, thought, it has been already 2 hours of trying to import the element, unsuccessfully.

Any ideas?

Hi - could you share a file that is not importing?

I’m not sure what’s going on here. Somehow you did get geometry into Rhino? Then extracted edges and exported those to DWG? Then tried to import that same DWG file again?

No, I opened the downloaded files (.dxf) from the official manufacturer site (Grohe), on AutoCAD. In AutoCAD, I could open the file, draw, erase, whatever. So the CAD file is not a problem. Nevertheless, It couldn’t be opened in Rhino because it said there is a problem

Could it be the dwg version year it is saved in is not supported by Rhino 5 mac? I typically save dwg’s as Autocad 2004 format just to be safe.

I also thought that, nevertheless, as I stated before; I usually can import CAD files. And when I launch rhino I can still import .dwg (I checked) that I have imported before. Till I try to import a new one when, it seems, the whole command gets somehow blocked

To understand this, we will need a DWG/DXF that won’t load in Mac Rhino, but will load in AutoCAD itself.
As mentioned before, I suspect it is a DWG/DXF file version issue.


I will send you a screenshot about both AutoCAD and Rhino responses to the same file
Here you can compare the reactions. Of course, always closed the .dwg file before trying to import it to Rhino

Hi - we need the .dwg file to be able to find out more about this.

I am sending both files, the original downloaded file from the manufacturer’s website and the .dwg export from the downloaded revit version (also from the manufacturer’s website). The export was done in a colleague’s computer.

I’d also like to clarify that all softwares are legals with their licenses still active

389160A0_Grohe_Skate_Cosmopolitan_WC_Wall_Plate - 3D View - {3D}.dwg (92.3 KB)
2090107.dwg (821.7 KB)

Hi - Thanks for those files!
I see the same errors here when opening in Rhino 5.5.3 for Mac. I tried in Rhino 6 WIP for Mac and it opens correctly there. I’m not sure that we have upcoming new releases for Rhino 5 - you are welcome to download Rhino 6 and give that a thorough test drive!

CC: @dan

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That sounds great - what about the licence? Will I “inherit” in for Rhino 6 or I need to buy a new one?

Hi Kristian, Rhino 6 for Mac is still under development and the Work-In-Progress version can be downloaded and used free of charge until it gets released.

Thank you very much!