AutoCAD .dwg not opening in Rhino 5

Hi all,

Might be a common or simple issue, but one I have had for some time. I am an architecture student, and work between AutoCAD .dwg and Rhino 3DM formats frequently. However, for some reason I am unable to open a .dwg format file in Rhino 5. I have tried the AutoCAD 2018, 2013 and 2010 versions of the file, but the “Open” command simply has no effect. The file opens and runs fine on Rhino 5 through windows PCs at my university- the error appears to only occur on my personal machine.

Is this something others have experienced, or that there is a work-around for?



Make sure you have AutoCad file import and AutoCad file export plug-ins in Rhino Options. They must be enabeld.

Be aware that Proxy Objects in dwg files are ignored by Rhino.
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