Problem with glass panel railings

I am struggling to understand why visualarq glass panels won’t appear on certain levels. Is it a bug, or is it my fault

How do I fix this?

Hi Antonia, if you select those objects and run the vaUpdate command, do the pannels show up correctly?
Can you send the model to so we can better understand what’s happening?

I have tried vaUpdate, the glass panels won’t appear I will send you my file.I am a beginner both in Rhino and Visualraq so please let me know if I have mistaken anything.

Hi Antonia, got your file, thanks!
This is a bug, I will let you know when we fix it.
(As a workaround, if you split the railing into smaller segments (you can use the vaSplit command), the panels are visible).

Hi there, this issue has just been fixed. So, It will be available in the next VA update.
Now, with the current version, it happens when the railing path curve is an spiral with more than one loop. So the temporal solution Francesc told you skip the issue out.

Thank you Francesc and Adan, it worked with vaSplit for now

Hi Antonia,
The VisualARQ 2.7 version with this bug fixed is already available for download: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.7 released