VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.7 released


VisualARQ 2.7 is now available for download.

This release includes some new features and solves most of the issues reported by users. Please report any problem or suggestion here or send us an email to

Here is the list of changes:

New features

  • Plan View component in Grasshopper (video)
  • Curtain Wall Extend component in Grasshopper
  • Section attributes for blocks
  • Insert Annotation objects in any construction plane

Fixed bugs

  • Attributes:
    • #8696: The wrong color used when the style component has “By Parent” color
    • #8242: Section Color is wrong
    • #7912: Add support for “By Parent” section attributes
    • #7830: Switching to hatch “None” is not saved after closing the styles manager dialog
  • Block:
    • #9396: Slow performance when editing blocks
    • #9132: I can’t select a block of 2D lines in hidden display depending on the Zoom
  • Dynamic Section:
    • #9370: Wrong section pattern color when it’s set by layer
  • File:
    • #9403: File doesn’t open
  • Grasshopper: Component:
    • #9400: Rename “Option” input parameters to “Options”
    • #9399: Hatch Pattern component error
    • #9382: Wall Extend and Curtain Wall Extend components don’t work
    • #9380: Do not order the property names alphabetically
    • #9366: Extract Solids component doesn’t work
    • #9337: Automatic refresh of VisualARQ objects referenced in Grasshopper after editing them
    • #9333: Crash in Wall Extend component
  • IFC:
    • #9134: Some materials are missing after exporting element to IFC
  • Layout:
    • #9381: Plan details doesn’t show the geometry clipped after updating a linked block
  • Level:
    • #9136: Artifact when cut plane is active on linked models
    • #7409: Locked levels color is not changing when locked objects color is changed
  • Object:
    • #9421: Hiding or showing VisualARQ objects makes the model freeze for a long time
    • #9239: Make VisualRQ selection commands do not clear previous selection
    • #8682: Do not regenerate VisualARQ objects when hiding them
  • Object: Annotation
    • #9308: Update annotations when annotation style is modified
  • Object: Beam:
    • #9367: Beam changes material after a split
  • Object: Curtain Wall:
    • #9402: Wrong curtain wall with different division types
    • #9344: When extending a wall or curtain wall if there is a part of it that exceeds the target it behaves differently on each one
    • #9323: Extending leaned curtain walls changes the distribution of its cell grid
    • #9322: The top frame of an extended leaned curtain wall is wrong.
    • #9242: Curtain wall panels division is broken after extending them
  • Object: Plan View:
    • #9423: Section hatches don’t appear in plan views
    • #9283: Issue displaying interior parts of Rhino closed poly-surfaces when creating a plan views
  • Object: Railing:
    • #9419: Wrong generation of glass panels railing
  • Object: Roof:
    • #8714: Error when copy and pasting a roof between documents with different units
  • Object: Section:
    • #8553: Section hatch is not taking the right color in a plan view
  • Object: Stair:
    • #9304: Stairs issue at landings
    • #8715: Wrong generation of stairs
  • Object: Table:
    • #5909: Show numeric values and not “By Style” text in tables
  • Object: Tag:
    • #9161: Tag object with horizontal or vertical orientation rotates when the tagged object is rotated
  • Object: Wall:
    • #9124: Wall Split command works wrong on a wall that had a solid subtracted
    • #8312: Do not update walls or curtain walls when editing attributes of objects where they are extended
  • Render:
    • #9282: Wrong render of model sectioned by jogged section line
  • View:
    • #9371: Section edges are missing on an inserted model very far from the origin
    • #9361: Cannot select block instances on “Hidden” display mode
    • #9184: Placing VisualARQ objects too far from the origin makes them display wrong
    • #8687: “Realistic” and “Rendered” view modes displaying incorrect materials


  • File format hasn’t been changed in this release. Files saved with VisualARQ 2.7 can be opened with VisualARQ 2.3 or greater.
  • This release is compatible with Lands Design RC2 (Release Candidate 2). Any previous version is not compatible and may cause stability issues.




Hello Enric,
I would love to enjoy, but there are again some bugs, I hoped already solved… I haven’t checked all features, but print-outs are quite important, and there is a regress… Take a look at the pictures. The first one is what I expect to get, and it’s prepared with former version:

The same model, printed with the newest version (with the same print options) looks like this:

Totally messed up colours (black spaces, coloured elements), some strange artifact (a pinkish strip in the middle)… Also, modyfing a space table (I have just removed an entry) crashes the Rhino while saving a model…
Regards, Jaro

Hi @jerry.bakowski,

I’ve just published VisualARQ 2.7.1, which fixes some issues related to print:

Please, test it and let me know if the print errors persist. In that case, please, send me the model to so I can take a look.



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