Railing upside down

Am experiencing a weird problem since I installed Visualarq release 1.9.
Railing appears upside down.
Has anyone seen something similar?


Hi litma,

Can you please send to visualarq@asuni.com one of the 3DM files where you are getting this error?



As you asked on the forum, I attach a file with some railing. It’s just an empty file, since I think the problem is in the settings, not in the file. I attach a screenshot as well, where you see that railings appear upside down on the style list.
If I load a file from previous VA version with railing in it, they come out ok, but if I draw new railings in that file they are still upside down and with other weird problems.

Hi @litma,

Where did you attach the file and the screenshot? I can’t see them.


I sent an email to visualarq@asuni.com as you said

Hi @litma,
We haven’t received the file. Can you please send it to fsalla@asuni.com as well?