Window Glass Depiction Inconsistent

From what I can tell these windows are identical objects. The glass panels are different. I’ve uploaded the project.

Hi @djhg,

I’m unable to reproduce this issue. Here is what I see when I open the model in Rhino 6.7 and VisualARQ 2.2:


I have changed my “Rendered” display mode lightning to “Ambient Occlusion”, as it seems that you have your display mode with this change. Is that correct?

Have you tried to update the window with the missing panel?

Moreover, the model you sent may not exactly the same, as I think you send the model you had opened. Instead, you should save the model when you see the issue, so when I open the model I’ll see the same as you’re seeing. In the model you sent, the active view was a layout, and there were no viewport with the same perspective as yours.



Weirdly , the one I sent (called WIndowGlassInconsistent) has a viewport labelled Camera 2 which has the window view, but the disapperaing glass comes and goes. For example, when I open that file today, the glass is there. What’s concerning is that vaupdate doesn’t regenerate it as it does when other elements disappear.