Visual Railing wish

Hi guys,
I don’t know which one of you I should address in this lockdown-vaccation-times so I tag you both :slight_smile: @RamonC @fraguada

I have a request for railing and that is to move this step much closer to the corner. I wan’t these railing to look as visually pleasing as possible so they can be used for illustration, but right now that requires extra points close to the corner which in return ads extra of those thick posts.

Is there anything you could do?

To me it would be better if the railing was visually cut and started again. If I explode the curve and make three railings instead then the corners looks worse, but the arc is with out steps.

This railing is made from a polycurve consisting of two straight lines on two slightly different heighs, connected with one slightly curved curve. (It is bulging towards us)

Here is the railing alone:
VisualArq railing.3dm (900.4 KB)

Thanks for looking into this.


Hi @Holo,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

As you said the problem is related to the handrail, which should solve the intersection (the step) at the vertices instead than at those middle points. Balusters have the right height.

We will let you know when this issue is fixed. Until then maybe the best solution is to keep the railing as three separate objects and use the _vaSubtractSolids to clean the intersection.

Kind regards

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Hi @RamonC how are the railing fix coming along?

This still looks very bad even with simple shapes like this:

VisualArq railing.3dm (426.3 KB)

I’m using

Here you can see it in action in a slightly more complex situation.
Looks horrible :expressionless:

Hi @Holo,

Sorry but there are no news yet about this bug. It looks pretty bad, I will add also this file to the issue.

By the way current VisualARQ version is 2.8.2. Try to update it!

Kind regards

OK, thanks. I’ll update :slight_smile:

We are just now testing out sections and have a few wishes:

  • The ability to hatch sections of static meshes.
  • Group output so section is one group and the curves behind is another
  • Single color option for the output, section as one and the “visible behind” as another. (dashed, gray etc)

Hi @Holo,

This should be working now. Just make sure meshes are solid (closed).



Hi @Holo,

Do you want to group the geometry because you want to explode the section view object at a certain point? or just to control the visibility and attributes of those two groups individually while they are still part of the section view object?

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Hi Ramon,
“Group” was merely a way of describing the need to separate them and be able to adjust them.
Since the output is a block (clever decision by the way) and blocks don’t support groups I presume putting the actual section data on a separate layer would make most sense since we don’t want to go into the block and edit anything as that would probably be lost when the section is updated later on.

Or is it an easy way to alter the section curves and hatches color and printwidth that I have not discovered? (I have just made 4 sections one time, so I am everything else than a pro user at this moment :wink: )

Hi @Holo,

Currently from the style of a plan view and section view you can override the pattern of the sectioned geometry attributes.

Unfortunately it is not working for plan views, we will let you know when it is fixed.
I will add also a feature request to add also attributes for the projected geometry.

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Look! They built it just as planned! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Holo good news: we have just released a new version of VisualARQ (2.12) which adds the option to override attributes to Section and Plan Views by style (in a more consistent way than before). Check this out here: Section View Attributes Overrides - VisualARQ - YouTube
And the news of the new version: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.12 released