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Hi guys,
I don’t know which one of you I should address in this lockdown-vaccation-times so I tag you both :slight_smile: @RamonC @fraguada

I have a request for railing and that is to move this step much closer to the corner. I wan’t these railing to look as visually pleasing as possible so they can be used for illustration, but right now that requires extra points close to the corner which in return ads extra of those thick posts.

Is there anything you could do?

To me it would be better if the railing was visually cut and started again. If I explode the curve and make three railings instead then the corners looks worse, but the arc is with out steps.

This railing is made from a polycurve consisting of two straight lines on two slightly different heighs, connected with one slightly curved curve. (It is bulging towards us)

Here is the railing alone:
VisualArq railing.3dm (900.4 KB)

Thanks for looking into this.


Hi @Holo,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

As you said the problem is related to the handrail, which should solve the intersection (the step) at the vertices instead than at those middle points. Balusters have the right height.

We will let you know when this issue is fixed. Until then maybe the best solution is to keep the railing as three separate objects and use the _vaSubtractSolids to clean the intersection.

Kind regards

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