BUG whith property panel


Here are two little bugs with the interface that we’ve found.

The first one is, that sometimes (rarely), the visual arq property panel is not showing up or take time to appear.

The second one is that when we scroll up or down in the property panel, the scroll change value in drop down menu by inadvertance in the object property. On my computer this seems to have a normal behavior as I need to select a drop down list to change value in it (but sometimes it put left in aligment of wall). On a colleague computer, the scroll change value evertyime the mouse pass on it, even if it’s not selected. Which is source of errors.

Any clue ?

By the way, thanks for the reactivity of the VisualArq team members, it’s nice to feel such a support as it remains improvements to implements.

Hi @flavien.bessiere,

I have been testing both issues but I couldn’t reproduce them so far. We need to reproduce them to be able to fix them, so please, if you have more information about them let us know. Maybe a recording of them happening might be useful as well.

Which VisualARQ and Rhino versions are you using?
If you have any other plug-ins installed in Rhino, please, try to disable them and check if these bugs are still happening, just in case there is some kind of incompatibility between those softwares and VisualARQ.