Printing Hatch Problem


In V6 when I print this hatch nothing get printed. Either to PDF or to a printer. Any thoughts? Hatch Problem.3dm.pdf (8.3 KB)
Hatch Problem.3dm (55.6 KB)

(Willem Derks) #2

Hi djnelson,

The hatch is apparently composed of points. If I print as raster, I do see them , however printed as vector they are not printed. I guess @stevebaer knows who -if not himself- can help with this printing issue.

Something else I notice is that I cannot explode the Hatch @pascal : this might be a bug to track.



Thanks. Yeah your right raster does work and vector doesn’t. I forgot to check that. For what it’s worth it’s a pattern that was imported from Autocad.

(Willem Derks) #4

Maybe you can provide the original ACAD file ( or a similar one) for the developers to scrutinize and test with.


No problem. Here is a dwg file and the .pat file. (36.1 KB)


Yep this was reported by someone else a couple of days ago -

and buggified: