Printing Vector Hatches Not Working

Any ETA when this is expected to work (Printing Vector Hatches)? Or has it been corrected in the Service Release Candidate (6.4.18)? Is it safe to use the SRC version in a production environment?

Hello - as far as I can see hatches are printed correctly as vectors in 6.4 here.
hatchvector.pdf (3.3 KB)


Thank you Pascal for the quick response.

I’m currently running version Version 6 - (6.3.18090.471, 3/31/2018) which is all that is currently available to me (other than the Service Release Candidate).

Which version of 6.4 did you use?

Ah I get, sorry for the redundant question, I did not understand the difference between the Service Release Candidate and the Beta.

Hello - I have our in-house 6.4 build - there is a build coming out later today, I believe, which you can get if you set the ‘Update frequency’ to ‘Service release candidate’ in Options > Updates and statistics. However, I think the 6.4 RC that is coming out still has serious bug that the previous RC has with block editing external linked files. The fix for that is in , here but may not see the light of day until next week.


Thank you Pascal. I installed the newest Service Release Candidate (rhino_en-us_6.4.18114.15591) and I’m still not seeing a printable vector hatch.

It works as a raster print but is so “light” as to be unusable.

Hatch-Vector-test_print.pdf (28.6 KB)

I noticed today working on a fresh drawing in v6 (not originally created in v5) that vector hatches are now printing. Hope this helps. (Rhino_en-us_6.4.18114.15591)

Great, thanks for letting us know.