Problem printing hatch

Confirming that this bug still exists with the most current V6 (6.7?) for Windows. Hatch elements that appear as dots only print in raster mode, not vector.

I’ve attached an example hatch pattern definition. This hatch does not appear in a print at all in vector mode, although you can see it in the the Rhino viewport. (330 Bytes)

Edit: I got to this thread through a Google search and only just noticed I’m in the Mac forum…John, should I post anywhere else?

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This has been fixed for SR9.
I just checked it again using your hatch pattern.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, I am having the same problem. Also the dot hatch is not visible if I print “image file”, no matter how high is DPI. I’ve got the evaluation version. How can I update to SR9?
I tried
check for updates–>service release candidate–>check now>
and I was able to update to version SR8, not SR9…

You can’t. No one can currently.

The shipping “released” version is SR7.
This month, the Service Release Candidate is SR8 and is being stabilized for public release.

All new work is going into what will become SR9. Those are only in-house builds.

When SR8 is released, SR9 will become the SRC and new work will go into what will become SR10.

We’ll keep churning through the defect list like this for a while.

I was misled by

“This has been fixed for SR9”

Anyway, now it’s clear, thank you for your quick reaction.

Actually, it’s accurate.
When a user brought it to my attention and provided an example, I created the defect report. Through chance and luck, the developer was able to quickly figure out the problem and checked in a fix.
I tested the fix in an in-house build in the code that will, in fact, be released as SR9.

I suppose without understanding the details of how we fix, test, and release SR updates, there’s no way you could know that.

Any chance this hatching issue has been resolved?

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You’ll be able to check towards the end of August when SR8 is released and SR9 becomes the release candidate.

I think this item fixed it.

Hi, it seems that the issue is, sort of, back.
Now, not only you can’t print dot hatch, but it is also not visible in the model space.
I’ve already created a specific topic: Dot hatch pattern problem