How to explode dot hatches


Most hatches can be exploded but not the dots…
cannot even make2D or DupBorder


Dots are not hatches. Dots “live” in screen space - not in model space. Their size is fixed in pixels, and doesn’t change with the model size or zoom level.



It means I have to make the sand patterns with circles not dots ?

Printing Hatch Problem

I’m not sure what “sand patterns” are

but if you need something that can used as actual geometry in model space, do not use dots.
If you need text, use Text; if you need text as curves use _TextObject; if you need circles, use _Circle, etc…

OK, looks like I misinterpreted your request - you want to explode hatches composed of entirely dots (points), not Dots created with the dot command… sorry. It looks like Rhino cannot currently do that - neither V5 nor V6. I would have thought that Rhino would just create point objects, but that is not the case.