Hatches don't print when choosing vector output

I’ve tried to print to pdf a drawing containing hatches. If I choose the vector output hatches won’t print. Everything works as expected when using raster output.

I’m not having any trouble with Vector or Raster to a printer or to PDF.
Please post your file will the printing details you’re using.
If we can’t duplicate the problem we can’t fix it.

Don’t know what to say, John. It fails with just a hatched rectangle. Take a look at the screen shots. The only thing I’m changing is vector vs raster output.

Solid hatches are not vector, they are raster. Can you print non- solid hatches?

Ah! A SOLID hatch. All of the line patterns work.
I’ll get that on the list to be fixed.

There must be some trickery going on in Windows Rhino because a solid hatch prints in vector and raster mode there.

Would’t makes same that Rhino would rasterise all not supported object before generating the output. I mean, vector output for supported entities and raster for non supported ones. This is what SketchUp does.

I downloaded a hatch pattern for sand that i’m using as grass but it does the same thing, it looks like it is all vector elements but it only shows up to print with raster enabled (which makes all the other lines less defined). Is there something I’m missing?

Please post the pattern definition and we’ll take a look.

Site Plan 39.3dm (345.9 KB)
00 GROUND 1 Vector.pdf (1022.6 KB)
00 GROUND 1 Raster.pdf (1.1 MB)

Hi John,
I’ve uploaded a smaller file with the hatch in.
And a couple of pdf’s of a drawing with the hatches in,
one with vector print and one with raster print.


I can confirm that Mac Rhino still has this problem.
So does the in-house V6 version.
I’ll make sure there’s a bug report.


Thanks John, good luck

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