Printing from Monochrome with Silhouettes On

I’m having an issue printing a layout in Monochrome with Silhouettes turned on. They print as fat lines and not as per the appearance on screen. has anyone else had this issue and know how to resolve?

Hi Mary -

Are you printing to a vector file or to a raster file?
If you could post a 3dm file, that would be good so that we can make sure we’re seeing the same thing.

Raster file required.
Can I send in DM as I can’t post here for confidentiality

Hi Mary -

With raster output, the result will depend on the page size and the chosen DPI setting. If you increase the DPI value, you’ll likely see that the lines become thinner in the resulting PDF file.

You can upload the file from here:

Oh great. Thanks! I’ll give that a try and send on a model if it doesn’t work.

I’m having a similar issue, I think. When printing to PDF, the Monochrome Display Mode goes crazy.

It also happens with Technical, Pen & Artistic, but I don’t typically use those in Layouts.

I would recommend installing the latest 8.4 release candidate that was published today.

That worked, thanks! Looks like I’m getting some lines showing through mesh in places it shouldn’t. But I can work with this! Thank you!

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Hi -

If you could post those objects, we can have a closer look.