Printing From Model Space Crashes Rhino

That’s what it does.

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Especially in hidden mode or just plan display turned on.

@djhg, @Tomek_Wloga have you sent the crash reports? we haven’t heard about them so we are not sure if these ara caused by VisualARQ. Can you send them to directly? Remember to change the .dmp file’s name before closing the Rhino crash message.

I have sent several of those crash reports over this past weekend, but never with changing the file name. I have forgotten what name it is supposed to be.

When Rhino crashes, a CrashDump.dmp file is generated in the Desktop. This file is replaced by a useless dmp file unless you change its name before closing the Rhino crash message. We need that file to figure out the reason of the crash.

I iknow. I was trying to say that I forget what it needs to be renamed to. So I improvised when I had the crash today. I hope it got through.

Yes, we have got some crash report from you, thanks!

I don’t know if these crashes are specific to VisualARQ, but just in case… The latest Rhino 6.6 service release that was released today fixes a known printing crash that you may be seeing. I would recommend getting the 6.6 service release to test.

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