Copying from Model to Layout Crashes?

From time to time I accidentally create a reference or other object in model space which belongs in lyout space. Occasionally I correct this by copying the objects from model space and scaling them way down in layout space. I think this causes instability and eventually Rhino will crash.

I’m using Visualarq so it may also be related to it.

Hi David -
Is this something that you can reproduce at will?
Can it be reproduced without VisualARQ loaded?
Are you sending in crash reports?

It’s only a hunch; it doesn’t always happen the instant I insert an object from model to layout.

I believe my most recent crash report uploaded the file, but as I recall selecting “include file with report” doesn’t always make that happen. Please verify.

Rhino 6 SR28 (6.28.20199.17141.07/17/2020)

Aparrently my crash report included a 3dm file too (though I’m never sure how to make sure that happens) - the error report number is: Error ID: 11AEFA51-154D-4E82-891F-B46F357889B2

Hi David,

I checked the crash report you mentioned, and the crash is not related to VisualARQ. You should contact McNeel regarding this crash.