Copying from Model Space to layout space crashes Rhino/Va?

From time to time I accidentally create a reference or other object in model space which belongs in lyout space. Occasionally I correct this by copying the objects from model space and scaling them way down in layout space. I think this causes instability and eventually Rhino will crash.

I’m using Visualarq so it may also be related to it.

I notice that as I look back in my backup files after a crash that several sections which were active in a number of viewports are no longer active. And I know that I did not deactivate them.

Something caused all recent versions of my project to crash whenever I attempted to activate Va level cutting planes or sections in any detail. The planes became deactivated in all windows.

The issue persisted until I rebooted my computer. Rebooting Rhino didn’t help.

Hi David,

Which versions of Rhino and VisualARQ do you have currently installed?
Can you send me one of those 3DM to



Va 2.8.414192
Rhino 6 SR28 (6.28.20199.17141.07/17/2020)
I’ll upload a file and send a link to Dropbox, but from the behaviour of Rhino I’m guessing it’s something that gets tangled in an instance of the programme, since rebooting the machine seems to reset things.
Aparrently my crash report included a 3dm file too (though I’m never sure how to make sure that happens) - the error report number is: Error ID: 11AEFA51-154D-4E82-891F-B46F357889B2

Hi David,

I checked the crash report you mentioned, and the crash is not related to VisualARQ. You should contact McNeel regarding this crash.