Print to PDF issues (lines are disappearing)

Hi, I am having difficulties getting good PDF plans out of Rhino/VisualArq. Things look good in Print Layout (“Hidden” mode) but then the PDF comes out missing a lot of the line work.

Layout view:

Printed PDF with “Rhino PDF”: terrible!

Printed with “Microsoft Print to PDF”: better but still not great (also I can’t figure out how to output to paper sizes larger than A3)

I need to send proper plans to my clients. How can I get the PDF to display all lines?

If you need to you can refer to the file I’ve sent for " 2D representations of elements are displayed in wrong level" it’s the same file

edit: it seems to work fine in “Wireframe” display mode. Only it’s not the mode I want to use

Hello @accounts2,

Which VisualARQ and Rhino versions are you using? I couldn’t reproduce the issue as shown in your images; I get just some lines missing in a couple of objects using the “Rhino PDF”. I’ll report the issue; please, if you find more information about this problem let me know.

Hi and sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been on the forum for a while. I am using Rhino Version 6 SR35
(6.35.21222.17001, 08/10/2021) and VisualArq (2021/09/16) I still haven’t decided to buy Rhino 7 but I guessI will eventually

Edit: I have updated VisualArq to latest Rhino 6 Version ( but the problem persists

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@alfmelbev I tried installing Rhino 7 and I get the same results. So the problem really seems to be lying with the PDF printer. I only don’t understand why you don’t get the same issue because the Rhino PDF printer drivers should be the same no?

Out of curiosity I opened the resulting PDF with Adobe Illustrator to be able to view the vector paths in detail and it seems little squares are created where there should be arc lines (in rounded corners). I have absolutely no idea what to make of that though

Hi @accounts2,

Can you try to change it to “Wireframe” and see if arcs are correctly printed to PDF? I know the result won’t be valid, as no lines will be hidden, but it in wireframe mode you still see the problem, then the issue is in Rhino, and you’ll need to report it to McNeel.



Hey @enric I already tried it in my original post. So it must be something in between VisualArq and the PDF Printer used… only I can’t get it to work with any of the PDF printers I am trying, the results look different but none of them acceptable :frowning_face:

Hi @accounts2,

Did you send us the model so we can try to reproduce the issue here?



I had sent the file with wetransfer (on another issue) and I think @alfmelbev tried but wasn’t able to reproduce the issue… If you want to I can send it again. I’m wondering if this is something to do with me using Bootcamp on an Intel based Mac to run VisualArq?

Edit: if it helps this is the file: (Link will be valid for 7 days I think)