Print to PDF issues (lines are disappearing)

Hi, I am having difficulties getting good PDF plans out of Rhino/VisualArq. Things look good in Print Layout (“Hidden” mode) but then the PDF comes out missing a lot of the line work.

Layout view:

Printed PDF with “Rhino PDF”: terrible!

Printed with “Microsoft Print to PDF”: better but still not great (also I can’t figure out how to output to paper sizes larger than A3)

I need to send proper plans to my clients. How can I get the PDF to display all lines?

If you need to you can refer to the file I’ve sent for " 2D representations of elements are displayed in wrong level" it’s the same file

edit: it seems to work fine in “Wireframe” display mode. Only it’s not the mode I want to use

Hello @accounts2,

Which VisualARQ and Rhino versions are you using? I couldn’t reproduce the issue as shown in your images; I get just some lines missing in a couple of objects using the “Rhino PDF”. I’ll report the issue; please, if you find more information about this problem let me know.

Hi and sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been on the forum for a while. I am using Rhino Version 6 SR35
(6.35.21222.17001, 08/10/2021) and VisualArq (2021/09/16) I still haven’t decided to buy Rhino 7 but I guessI will eventually

Edit: I have updated VisualArq to latest Rhino 6 Version ( but the problem persists

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